The Spazzys are in Europe! Rejoice! I went to see them on Wednesday in Geel. It was a delight. Yeah. A definite delight.

The support band was the Bat Bites, which is, as you know, the best band the world has to offer. They played a lot of songs. They played a lot of new songs. Almost exclusively, actually, beside 2 old ones and a cover or 2 maybe. I'm really excited for their album, which should come out in 2 months or something if I remember correctly (I seldom remember correctly though). The verse in the second-to-last song, Let Her Go, strongly reminded me of a Dear Landlord song, but I don't know which one. Anyway, fun set, great bat costumes, but mostly great tunes!

The Spazzys came up and got into Divorced right away. Way to kick off a show after spending 33 hours on an air plane! Because of that fact they sounded a bit sloppy or messy sometimes, but regardless they were pretty dang amazing. The vocal harmonies were insane, the pop sensibility, the punk attitude... It was just such a fun and happy show. Awesome. They played a bunch of new and old songs spanning their career, some slower jams, some faster ones. Cool show, got a bit cut short due to tiredness I assume, but that's totally alright. Dumb = forever.

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