More like Brand Old amiright?

I like Brand New. I consider myself a fan. I really like The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. I'm very fond of Your Favourite Weapon. I dig most of the songs on Deja Entendu. I haven't heard Daisy. Let's just say I'm a fan.
So when a bunch of friends planned on driving 2-3 hours to Zwolle to see then in a proper venue, I decided it'd be fun to go along.

I was really excited when I remember The Front Bottoms were doing support for them. Except for the shortness of the set and the way overpriced merch I really dug the show. Their songs are superfun and it was the first time I saw them, after missing out every time before due to disinterest or work or whatevz. Anyway, fun band, drummer was wearing a weird mask. That is all.

Brand New played for way too long. But they played a rad show. Started out with a buncha new songs before getting into the old shit. Classics, if you will. No Sowing Season unfortunately, but I'll take it. I don't know, very tight set, bass sound was amazing. The second drummer gave extra power to some of the tunes. Kids went sorta nuts. That's what you get for not coming to Europe for a while and then cancelling a tour and then coming after all. Kids go nuts.
So yeah, fun show, but a 1,5+ hour show is way too long for any band in my opinion, let alone one of the punk rock kind. It's cool they didn't muck about though, they have a neat set put together where everything is measured out, the vibes are taken into account and it sequences almost seamlessly. Not my thing of course, but for a band of their calibre I guess it's important to impress people. And they did that. Thanks.

The ride home was intense and insane and funny and also I slept for a bit and stuff. Then we accidentally went drinking till 5 am.

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