Groezrock I guess?

I'm not feeling like writing a lot, and festivals are always lurry and hazy, so I guess I'll just write a wee bit about Groezrock.

The best band on the festival was probably the Priceduifkes. I'm just saying this because they're one of my favourite bands, I know them personally and they very much deserved to play the fest and furthermore pulled it off so well. Lots of crowd reaction in the vein of "alles kapot", "alles is frut vaneen" en "wereldoorlog drie". Apparently the tent was quite crowded, so I hope they conquered some more hearts by playing Groezrock. Also seeing Fets sing along to Creep Like Me was amazing. So cool.

Then there was Screeching Weasel. Or, Ben Weasel And Whoever He Could Find. As the only original member, it felt a bit weird to see but the band was tight as fuck. Going in with I'm Gonna Strangle You and continueing the show with nothing but hits, up until the closer Cool Kids. Ben's rants were both uncomforting and genius, just like I imagined it would be. Sound at the mainstage wasn't all that, and the stage maybe wasn't all that for a band like Weasel, but it being their first ever European show I'm just glad I got to see them.

I love Drug Church. They played a rad show. I moshed a lot, often on my own. I like Pat's rants, although he doesn't or isn't allowed to go on as miuch as he does with Self Defense Family. Amazing show, I went all-out during Mohawk, such a sick song.

I lost my PARTY TIME watch and Skintight cap during Alkaline Trio's set. That made me very sad. Also a girl kept kicking me in the legs pretty hard because I was punkdancing. What the fuck? That wasn't necessary. It's a punk show, I should be allowed to be upfront losing my shit over my favourite band, right? No need to hurt me intentionally. Fuckwad. Anyway, the Trio actually played one of the best shows I've seen them play and played a lot of their best tunes, including Every Thug Needs A Lady, Sadie, Hell Yes and Jaked On Green Beers. Sounds amazing, right? Yeah it was.

Touché Amoré was incredible. I mean, they are incredible. Such a talented band. Uhm, Descendents ruled. Red City Radio. Iron Chic. Kids Insane. Brand New's set was very different from the show in Zwolle, maybe more enjoyable cause it was shorter and a lot more of the hit songs were played. I mean, starting with Sowing Season is just a really good idea.
I also loved Apologies, I Have None's set, even without Dan, and I am digging the new tunes more and more. It was the xth time I saw them but I enjoy every show they play. Cool to see Giles Great Cynics guest-guitar on some tracks.

Saw bits and pieces of a lot of bands, had great fun with my friends, made some new friends, drank a lot of alcohol and all the usual. My girlfriend gave me an Idle Will Kill 12". She's rad.

I missed Modern Life Is War (except for D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.) and Piekpries, both for very stupid reasons.

That was Groezrock in a nutshell. It's always a nutshell.

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