Party at 219

I had never been to Venue 219 before. Quite the shame. But Sunday night was the night. The night. After getting slightly drunk at a family get-together in the afternoon, I decided to keep on drinking at the punkrockshow. Also I didn't eat so whew. Sorry for being drunx.

First up was the amazing Silver & Gold. Great set with lots of new jams, and a Husker Du cover. I love this band. One of the few typically beardy punk bands of the area. Good show.

Lots of friends at the show. Cool.

It was the second time I saw The Kids' Crusade. Really good. It's not necessarily original (yet), but I love their sound, the melodies, the grungy vocals, the absolutely bummer atmosphere. That's cool. Or not, maybe.

The Real Danger rules obviously, but I was pretty drunk at the time. They played some of my favourite songs so that was fun. Things happened.

Whew. Dang.

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