Whew. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been too busy being busy. I have a girlfriend these days. Do you know how much time I lose because of that? Exactly as much as I need to keep this blog updated. It's sad, actually. Also coincidental.

Anyway, a week or two ago my new-found friend Steve was playing a show with his band The Swinging Party. I had heard him reference Replacements and power pop when describing their sound, so I was stoked. On a  through-the-week-ish (Dutchism!) Wednesday I got my butt to Antwerp, cafĂ© Cabron, to drink Geuze beers and watch some bands.

The Swinging Party were up first. I was very much impressed. Definite (later) Replacements vibe, Joe Jackson/Elvis Costello kinda songwriting. Great guitar harmonies and drum beats. I love that kind of music. I love power pop. It's so much better than any other kind of music. It's made for dancing and singing and smiling and  feeling things. And the Swinging Party did a great job at all that. Loved the show, would gladly see them again. Buy their self-titled EP.

The Light Brigade came all the way from the Northerlands and put down a more than decent show. Tight musicianship, solid show, all-round enjoyable. The same deal music-wise, so hooray for that!

Yay Wednesdays!

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