It's been a busy week last week. So let's go back in time for a sec, to Friday, February 28th, 2014. Place to be, JH Kaddish, Schoten. Get in your DeLorean and get on my level, man.

I was playing a show with Knalselder. My set was lotsa fun, but let's focus on the main act of the night. Knalselder played an acoustic set. They're great. They're so incredibly funny and sing about normal, almost banal subjects in a ridiculously witty way. I always crack up when he sings about peeing in the sink. Relatable stuff. Songs about ex-girlfriends, traffic jams, and the likes. Even a fucking song about me. That was insane. I was truly blown away and emotionally moved. It was alienating and heartwarming. The Vinger told me he's working on his singing and it's slowly paying off, so that's cool. I think I like 'em better electrically, but some songs came across really well in an acoustic version.
Really fun night, good friends, good music, some mediocre music, good beers and a nice atmosphere. JH Kaddish is a really cool venue actually.

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