Let's Rob Lynch The Landlord

When I got a text from my friend Petit if I wanted to join him on a trip to Cologne to see Rob Lynch and hang out, I couldn't say no. Good times were to be had, and they were had.

The show was cool. Apparently Rob Lynch is like pretty big in Germany, and he gets airplay and stuff, which is super rad for him. He's touring with a backing band, which was really fun.

First up was Lion And The Wolf though. He's the cutest bearded man you'll ever see. He had a surprisingly quirky voice which did not correlate with his beard. Great song, great attitude, great gratitude and a great guy. Really liked the show, bought a tape, talked to him for a bit, nice one.

Rob Lynch killed it, man. Really cool show. I was buzzed by then, but he and his band got the place in a certain mood and atmosphere that was undeniable throughout the venue. Fun show, like shows should be.


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