Alles Kapot Fest Day -1

I jacked up my elbow, my voice is just barely recovering, my feet and back still hurt and I still have trouble getting out of bed. You guessed it, Crossbonefest took place last weekend and it was off the hook.
As per usual I forget a lot of stuff that happened due to intoxication but let's see what the general idea was.

I helped out the guys in Lost Youth Records, a collective I'm unofficially part of, on Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday throughout, including falling asleep while my Houthalen hosts were showing my incredibly hilarious series/films and eating bacon and eggs at Jordi's cause he rules. Thursday night, after pickup up the drumsets and backline, we headed to Carpe Diem in Hasselt for the pre-fest, set up by Jeroen from Coma Commander.

I missed Brutus' and Coma Commander's set, I saw part of The Waiting Game's set after ordering a pizza and basically giving it all away cause I'm an idiot. The Waiting Game is fun, they've got a song online but live it all just translates way better. Kinda 90s emo pop stuff.
I remember I needed the 3 pi's when I arrived: to piss, to get pizza and to drink pintjes. So after the first set I'd done 2/3, and there was nothing left on my list than to drink pintjes.

I'm really excited about The Kimberly Steaks ever since I've seen their acoustic performance in Edinburgh last month. They were playing Thursday night so I got stoked and really enjoyed their electric - normal - set. Fast, depressing and Scottish. Those three words probably bring a different, WAY MORE POPULAR, Scottish band to mind but The Kimberly Steaks bear more undeniable similarity from Jawbreaker and Osker. I mean, their new album cover is a rip-off of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy - designed by the amazing Wolf Mask, by the way. Wait, I mean, the entire new album, To Live And Die In West Central Scotland is a rip-off of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. Not necessarily a rip-off, but it's the first thing that comes to mind. Greig's vocals are snarly (is that a word? I probably just mean gnarly and/or sneery) and actually pretty well articulated, although wrapped in a Scottish accent. Depressing shit about drinking, being bummed out and taking bad life decisions. Domestic life, that's the life for me. // And whenever I feel down, I remind myself I’m not bound to live and die in this town.

Not Scientists followed them up and closed the night with a banger. Fucking tight. If I'm not mistaken, this is ex-Uncommonmanfrommars. Fun poppy punk rock with a pace that blew you away. Catchy tunes, great performance. Their bass player apparently never played in a band before, but he was so good! I loved their show, really looking forward to seeing them again and hearing more from them. It's a shame cause I don't necessarily remember much of their set but I just recall I was blown away. I might have missed a part due to getting another pizza, but I'm not sure. These nights are so fucking amazing.

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