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JH Tijl in Diest once again welcomed PJ Bond on their unplugged night. He's one of my favourite persons in the world. Literally. He's on tour with Austin Lucas and Emily Barker.
Contrary to the event name, the night was partly unplugged, but also partly plugged. Exciting!

First artist I saw, after I missed Queefy the Rat, was Deman Rogue, a local duo consisting of a guitarist and violinist. Cool stuff, they had a good vibe together and the songs were pretty powerful. I only saw a couple tunes but it sounded good.

Emily Barker was up next, and she has a wonderfully fragile voice. Whoa. Her songs are very well-composed and captivating. Really cool.

PJ Bond ruled the place, I've seen him a lot of times and each time I'm just so happy I'm seeing him play. He's great, his song are stellar, and he played part of his set full-band-style this time! That was cool. Some of the songs definitely shined when backed by a band.
I missed his full-band set at Fest, with Arliss Nancy, so that was stupid. This was another band, they did really good, great musicians. Bought the new split 7" with aforementioned Arliss Nancy and convinced my ladyfriend to buy his records cause they're real good.

Austin Lucas kicked it up a notch. Really cool set, and when the violinist from Deman Rogue joined in, that was amazing. The band's synergy was spot-on and the songs translated really well in the given setting. JH Tijl is quite big so when you do a night like this there's a risk the atmosphere is gonna evaporate in thin air, but it turned out alright I think.

After the show, when they had to be quiet, Emily, Peej and Austin did some more songs and it was lovely. Really fun.
At first I was gonna miss those final 'intimate' songs because of the train schedule but my friend hooked us up with a free hotelroom so that was really weird and awesome. My life is pretty weird and awesome and also sucks. Whoa.

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