Arms Alaaf

I forgot about this show my bud Roel was setting up with Pilot To Gunner and Arms Aloft until the night before. Thank God I got reminded.

Because of a forgetful waitress at the restaurant I didn't get to see the first half of Pilot To Gunner's set, though I could hear parts of it because I was sitting outside eating sushi, like a fancy motherfucker. I could've seen some songs but some of my friends were hanging out outside so I decided to do the unpunk and not go see a band play. Sorry dudes.

I was really excited to see Arms Aloft play though. Apparently they've been in Europe before, but I completely missed that. They're back now, and they're roaring. Soaring. Whatever. They're doing somethiong with their instruments and voices and it rules. It's called punk rock, I gathered from bystanders. Hit songs like Skinny Love and DOUBLEDRANOPERCOCETNOICE (a blatantly obvious D4 reference that dances the line between ironic rip-off and awesome homage) got the crowd going and I danced my butt off to their cover of The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton, which is just a rad song with a rad and satanic outro. That was fun. Great band, no encores, fuck shit up.

Come dance at Crossbonefest next week! Arms Aloft are playing there!

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