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This Life is a band from Toulouse, France. Hardcore. Angry. Loud. That kinda deal. Check it out.

This Life - Lies About The Truth (2013, Delete Your Favorite Records, Deux Pieds Deux Dents, Never Trust An Asshole)

1. Life Wire
2. Fire Your Dreams
3. Are We Ready
4. Back In White
5. Who Order Who
6. Age To Thrill
7. Mediatalks
8. Sunseeker
9. Highway To Nowhere
10. Celebrity's Bells

Remember the first three Rise Against records? Well, if I'd wanna keep this review short, I'd say to just take those three records, combine them and you get what This Life is doing on this record.

After an intro-ish anthematic jam, Life Wire, I get sucked into a melodic hardcore record that I can't help but compare to Comeback, Rise Against, even hints of Propagandhi and those kinda bands. But more importantly, This Life evokes the same feeling and excitement as those bands did, so obviously they're doing the right thing, and not simply ripping off bands like those.
The vocals are understandable but very rough and more at the hardcore spectrum of vocal styles, which adds a sort of brutality and power to the songs. They have lots of socio-political lyrics - as is costumary in the genre - that have often surpassed their point of relevance but still stand for pure and honest ideals. As a hardcore/punk band, it is much more interesting to me if you have opinionated values and if you express them accordingly and consonantly, I am very pleased. This Life succeeds to incorporate the lyrical content into the musical schemes.

They don't slow down either. If you're looking for an exciting, interesting melodic hardcore/punk record that brings a bretah of fresh air into the forgotten scene of the mid-2000s, then look no further. Fast, technical, upbeat. Drums that'll kill you if you don't watch out. There's the occasional breakdown/bridge dealio to go nuts to if you're into that. It's alright though. The bass sounds great throughout the record, like in the intro to Mediatalks or in Back In White. And the riffs! Oh, the riffs! This is just a really fun record. My favourite tune is probably either Fire Your Dreams or Highway To Nowhere. That latter song is a fucking blast. The solo at the outro nails it.

So yeah, really cool album actually, I've been postponing listening to it but I'm impressed. It gets me pumped and headbanging and stuff so those are good things.

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