the fuck is a football?

57 North, Friday night, a Begijnhof on the left of me and punk shows at my right.

Let's keep it quick and just say Barney's Ego, Lifeless and We'rewolves all failed to entertain me. It might have been the fact I was really tired from partying the night before, being lovesick from the night before and getting to sleep at 5:30 am the night before, waking up at 11 am for coffee with a friend and going to class til 6pm, meanwhile being anxious about fucking everything. Might have something to do with that, also could have been that those bands just really weren't that good. Up to you, babe.

Coma Commander. I can't remember how I stumbled upon this band. Oh wait, I do, it was the Wellingtons show last year. Now they've released a beautiful EP full of singalong socially conscient drunkpunk songs. They're real good, yo. Also, never stop covering Dear Landlord. Free cara and a destructive mindset from listening to Business Papers on the way to the venue made for some great prerequisites that made me go nuts once in a while. Good show, I didn't buy the EP in favour of beers, but I'm p. sure I'll see them again sometime, and I'll buy it then. Def.
Oh yeah, and Jordi did a "Karelmove" on me. Dang!

Off The Charts headlined. They wore soccer shirts. Cool//gay. Can't decide. The Belgian team is going to Brazil next year. I couldn't give a fuck, but I'm happy for the people who give a fuck. Anyway, the Charts were good, same old same old. Little mosh, little emotion. You could say I was emoshional. Oh snap! Fuck off.

I'm very thankful to the OTC-dudes who were so kind to drop me off on the way home. Goods. The small afterparty (which appeared to have lasted quite a bit) was cool. I remember talking to someone and then hearing Direct Hit! coming up, quit conversation instantly, searching Jordi and getting wild. I also danced around with a large pot of leftover chinese food on my head. That was fun. And we put on F.Y.P.'s Die Young, that was fun.

Jordi Ostir. I love him.

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