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Wednesday I went to a punkrock show in Club Kamikaze. I had to play myself as well. Whoo!

After arriving, meeting with frendz, setting up merch and giving away pancakes, Off The Charts started doing their thang. Their thang is a gruffy slow-paced 90s emopunk // '10s TitleFightcore fusion that I've seen far too many times but still gets me going. Getting better every time.

Elway killed it. I'm not convinced on record, and sure, they're a Red City Radio doppelganger, but they put on such a solid live show I couldn't help but be excited, dance around and sing along to words I didn't know. Solid tunes, solid dudes, solid show. I bought their 2 rekerds, both great, but definitely better on stage. Seeing them again at Fest, stoked!

Then I played the afterparty. It was my best show up til now, but that doesn't say much. I dropped my pants to plat "PANTS ARE JUST PANTS", my anti-pants song, and left them of for the rest of the set. I played Parry Gripp covers, Tigers Jaw, and gave Mean Jeans and Nerf Herder a shot but couldn't get past the intros. I sometimes got stuck after the intros for my own songs as well. I bet I could deliver a decent performance if I didn't get drunk, but who wants to see a decent MC Karel performance? That's not the deal.

So I sucked, but it was a lot of fun. Some guys apparently wanted to punch me in the face. Made me feel achieved.
Sold some shirts, very few records & zines, but got rid of all of my pancakes! I'm gonna make pancakes for punkshows more often! It's fun. I'm gonna start a catering business, called PANCAKES FOR PUNKSHOWS. Contact me if you want free pancakes at your punkshow.

Thanks a bunch to Kenny for asking me to play and co-setting up the show. "The only person I both can and can't stand."

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