I'm going to the Fest 12. Whut? Yeah. Who knew that was ever gonna happen? Not me.

I made a mix off some bands I'm really really looking forward to seeing. Of course there's a ton more, but these are the essentials:

1. Jabber - 200 Days
2. F.Y.P - Belittle My Brain
3. Weekend Dads - Forget It
4. The Fake Boys - Active Reactive
5. High Dive - Square One
6. Lipstick Homicide - Isn't It Glorious?
7. Mixtapes - Like Glass
8. Hold Tight! - Tell Your Crush How You Feel
9. Dillinger Four - The Father, The Son And The Homosexual/Single Parent
10. The Dopamines - Business Papers
11. Crusades - Dreamers
12. Unfun - Caroline
13. Tenement - Earwig
14. Like Bats - The Last Catholic In America
15. Masked Intruder - Wish You Were Mine

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?9j81bqk404neh0a

No artwork cause I'm lazy. Download, put in right order, listen, be super jealous.

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