Summer In October part II: AMAI GIJ STINKT b/w GIJ OOK

Okay, Saturday, serious bizniz. Breakfast at Break Point, witnessed a threeway car collision, laughed a good deal and had a good foccacia sandwich.
Elias organised a punk rock quiz, which was really fun, and me and Elias basically have the same taste in music so obviously we won the quiz. Whaddup.

Hangouts at Kroenkel. Met some Scottish dudes, real cool dudes. Ate rum&raisin ice cream. Watched the police being assholes. But let's talk punx.

The Depressants are not really my cup of tea. Sorry dudes. They're all real cool and the songs are okay and all but yeah... I watched a couple songs, then proceeded to drink beer while the organisation was hanging up sheets because the cops said they had to.

The Kimberly Steaks were pretty cool, equally snotty as every Scottish pop punk band ever. Fun show. They have some really good tunes. Nothing out of the ordinary, but you know. It's pop punk or something.

Silver & Gold replaced Buddy Zombie and His Planecrash, which made me both really sad and really happy. I was really curious to see Buddy Zombie and a Summer In October without Kevin Aper is just odd. But I love Silver & Gold and they played a short but good set. Really stoked on the new tunes/record that should come out sometime. Undertones cover as per usual. Best dudes.

I was also really curious to see The Goodluck Party play. I can't remember if I saw their full set or not. It's weird how this Saturday is so blurry. Was it the beers or the fact that so many bands played? Maybe I spent too much time outside. Anyway, this Goodluck Party sounded really good. And they had funny clothes. Hawaiian shirts and such. Because it's Summer. In October. Y'know.

Big Eyes was awesome. Such a good band. They didn't look too enthusiastic, but they played a rad set, so I'll take it. They're definitely something different than all the pop punx and 3-chord madness, but it was impressive and Kate is an amazing singer and songwriter. They have a record called Almost Famous, which is really good and also the title of Pie's favourite movie. He told me to see it, so I'm gonna do that this week.

I saw one Richie Dagger song and thought "wow, this is really cool" and then I went outside. What the fuck, brain? Have you gone insane? That was pretty lame! I'm all outta rhymes now.

I skipped Reproach because I didn't feel like seeing Reproach and I was getting dating advice from the dudes in Direct Hit! It was hilarious. And I kinda wanted to save some energy forp the sequence PDS-Direct Hit-Yum Yums, which was bound to kill me. Reproach was probably really good. They hate you.

Priceduifkes apparently started out with a Hives cover, which I forgot about already. The rest of their set was amazing, as expected World War III broke out again and the place got destroyed. There is no way I can describe what happens during these PDS shows. It's kinda of like magical. Magicool. Even live videos don't really capture the vibe. They played 2 new songs I think, both of which sounded really promising. It's alright so. Also Brutal Knights, Frogball and D4 covers. Everything kapot. Fuck.
My kids will hear about this stuff.

The sound didn't go over well for Direct Hit!, but their energy and the quality of their songs did! Fuck you, get pumped, and all that. I got pumped alright! Their drummer is insana and their new bass player was inches away from doing a full splits. That was rad. The new songs rule, the old songs rule, the new record in amazing. Both musically as conceptually I am kinda blown away by it. So, solid show, lots of fun, lots of shouting. They closed with We're Fucked, and well, we were fucked. Awesome.

The Yum Yums were the last band on the schedule. I only know their Singles 'n' Stuff record, but that's really good so let's dance, right? Right! They played a lot of songs, and I ended up knowing half of them so that's cool. They also covered Chewy Chewy, Bird Dance Beat and Walking Out Of Love, next to playing gems like Be With Me and Girls Like That. Whoo! I danced my butt off. If I was a native American, my name would be Dances With Babes, cause that's what I do. Babes of both sexes, obvi. That's all I wanna do in life. Just dance with babes. It's cool.
Anyway, The Yum Yums were great, I was really stoked on seeing them. Thanks.

Afterparty started out with Banana Brain and ended up with Gainesville. Everything in between were awesome singalong punk and hardcore tunes that made for an awesome party. Piekpries rules. I tried to fancy-dance but failed miserably. I don't even know how to follow. I'm a mess. But I like dancing. I really like it. That's probably why I was exhausted by 3 am and went to sleep instead of partying at The Swing. Punk rock taking its toll.

I woke up and lots of body parts hurt. I cleaned up the dorm room a bit cause it was a beercan covered mess and tried to flush the toilet but that didn't work out cause there was no water left. Yikes.
Went home, noticed someone couldn't help drawing a swastika in my neck and felt a profound post-SIO blues. Listened to Be With Me by The Yum Yums on the train and got home sad and happy.

I love your faces. Don't judge me.

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