You might remember how I was absolutely in love with this band Not On Tour two years or so ago. I totally was. And then I missed them on their 2nd Euro tour, but they came back for a 3rd time and I caught them again... twice! I hadn't listened to their music in ages, but I totally fell in love again.

First night was in Heist-Op-Den-Berg. I missed Snowbound. Sorry.

Support by Generation 84, who put on a solid show but I think Teun had some vocal issues or something. Anyway, it was alright, not my favourite band but good enough to keep watching their show.

Not On Tour played and as I said, I immediately remembered why I loved them so much. The combination of melody, speed and a to-the-point songwriting results in a catchy symphony of 4 Israelian peepz with a love for Descendents and Black Flag, or something. The new songs sounded equally great, if not better, so naturally I bought the new record, All This Time. The entire set ruled, they played a Bryan Adams cover (guess which one...) and generally played a nice show. Whoo!

Second night in Gent, made possible by Vera who let me crash on her floor, thanks! It rained as fuck so that was a downer but the rest of the night was... an upper?

I caught the last bit of Timmy Hillfire's set and although it sounded kinda sloppy, it was p. interesting and okay-sounding. Might have to check in on this.

Dead Convicts were much better than what I expected from the bandname. Straight, no-frills 80s hardcore punk. They were really great, played a Ramones cover (Havana Affair) and got some ska-influencage going which worked quite okay. Might have to check in on this too.

Retarded Fish came all the way from Slovakia so what the hell, let's just dance and act like nutcases for these dudes. Musically very strong, cool melodic hardcore/skatepunk kinda deal. Show was a lot of fun. Good band, good crowd.

And a second Not On Tour performance, yay! It might preliminarily be noted taht Valer played the entire set in his boxers cause he was the only one not wearing a short (short). Other than that, the guys and gal did good. Another great set, different than the night before, that's cool. More dancing going on, the crowdsurf and mosh and what crazy ideas anyone had. Fun fun fun.

Thanks again Vera for setting up the show and giving me a place to sleep. Slept like shit but whatevz. Said goodbye this morning, hopefully they'll come back next year. Love.

EDIT: Also superthanks to Mathias, who I don't really know but may have met that night (?)  but who obviously is also a supercool dude for setting up the show as well also!

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  1. So nice to accidentaly bump in this :D! Thanks :)
    Just a little add to your story, don't want to get all the credit for setting up the show, it was co-organised with Mathias!