Al die willen te kap'ren varen...

Yesterday I went to a show in Den Eglantier in Berchem, as you might now, arguably my favourite venue in Belgium. It was a basement show, so all the better.
Two bands played, early Sunday show, and I was supposed to be there on time but I ran into my brother on accident, who I hadn't seen for a while, so I had to choose between grabbing a beer or checking out Punchline Hunting Season. I'm sorry, Punchline Hunting Season.

So I got to the venue, and I brought a "distro"/box of second hand cds/7"s. Got rid of a few of them, to the guy travelling with I Not Dance, that's cool. I'll put up a list of the rest if anyone's interested.

Then I Not Dance played. They were rad. Loud, bearded, distorted, screamish, growlish, Austrian, really cool. One of those bands that just blow you away with their live shows, y'know? Incredible. Check 'em out if you like Loma Prieta or something.

The basement has been repainted and has some nice Adventure Time grafitti going on, which is awesome. Fav venue +1.

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