I've been listening to this band for a couple of months, and this past week I really made the click and it's been on really frequent rotation now. I first got to know them through a Facebook status update by this band called Jabber, who said they were going to be on Bloated Kat Records. As Bloated Kat only releases incredible bands, I checked out their demo and well, now I'm writing about it.

Boys - demo (DIY, 2013)

1. Sundae Skool
2. Turn The T.V. Off
3. Long Walk
4. New Car

Boys are not just boys. There's 2 girls and 2 boys in this band. There's Maura and Megan, and Zach and John. But actually it's Zach, Megan, Maura and John. Or Megan, John, Zach and Maura. They're a band. They're p. good.
They released this demo with 4 songs and these 4 songs are so fun and good and nice to listen to. They are songs that would want to listen to with everyone in the world. Well, not everyone, cause most people suck. But with everyone who is cool. Sundae Skool starts with the giddiest of riffs and the intro lyric "I'm tired of being pessimistic". That sounds like a positive message, right? The songs rely on fun, solid pop punk riffs and strong personalilty-induced lyrics. There's this bass part 'round the chorus of New Car which I can't help but find silly (when the bass plays the riff an octave higher), other than that I am totally with this musically and it is definitely an approach to music and songwriting that I would like to do. (I don't know why I find that part silly, cause it's not something out of the ordinary or anything...)
But to illustrate my point, listen to Turn The TV Off and try not to go along with that chorus. It's as infectious as zombie bites. Which is an appropriate comparison, I think. If you wanna sing along, you may have to practice breathing properly. (Weird advice.) Megan's voice is typically kinda snotty and sounds very confident (weird description).
My favourite track on the record is Long Walk, I mean: "I think I understand what it's like/To feel the absence of a friend/You seek solace in a bottle/Speak dramatics through your pen/Maybe tonight you can stay sober/But by morning, you'll forget". That sounds like something I can very much and very much not identify with. Relatable and personable (is that a word?). As if the song didn't start good enough, they end it even better. I know a review isn't worth much if I just say "just listen to it" all of the time, but hey, in the end that's what you gotta do. Just listen to that outro bass riff into the "Watch my mouth slack your jaw/Yeah, I've heard it all before/I am ruthless with intent to leave you crying on your floor"-part and tell me you don't wanna see this live and sing along as loud as you can, dance your ass off and jump in the air of excitement/relief. It's kinda cathartic.
This demo is wack bizniz, peepz. If you're into babely pop punk, listen to Boys (among others, hit me up). If you're into normal pop punk, also do that. If you're into the defending of pop punk, listen to Boys and realise how silly Man Overboard sounds.

Also, I am going to see this band in New York with Lipstick Homicide (more babes) and the Murderburgers (short Scottish dudes). My life is v. awesome.
Falling in love's easy.

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