I'm a "musician"

Last Thursday was a big day for me. I was "booked" to "play" a "show". Yes, me, MC Karel, worst rapper in the werld. With PJ Bond, one of the best songwriters in the werld. That's cool.
For those who don't know, I'm a rapper in my free time. It's not necessarily good but it's super fun and some songs are kinda alright I think. mckarel.bandcamp.com

Anyway, I worked til 5pm, then biked the fuck home cause I only had 20 minutes to get home, pick up my stuff and catch my train so I'd be there on time. I caught my train, sweating heavily cause I biked/ran fast and it was like 30 degrees outside. Fuck. But I got on the train.

OBVIOUSLY, because I'm an idiot, I took my train on time but screwed up by making a wrong transfer. So I ended up in Hasselt an hour later than expected, but with my bud Domien to keep me company on the train and walk to the Carpe Diem, bar of the night. No prob, though, cause nothing was set up yet. Ok, whatevz.
Now get this, I arrived and there were actually a lot of people. Sick. Elias, Rak, Jordi, Benji, Seppe, Wim, Laura, Wouter, Werner, fucking Dennis, Joƫlle, Jens, and some other peepz. Radical.
I set up merch with help from Domien and sold some stuff, which was v. cool. People were saying I should begin so I talked to the barman who confused me a lot. Anyway, everything got set up, I tried to help moving stuff but the dude yelled at me so I stopped. Whatevz.

After the technical stuff was done I got on stage. Get this, a fucking stage. I wasn't really nervous but not really in my comfort zone either. Anyway, I got over it, introduced myself and started the first verse of Introducing MC Karel (I play only the first verse cause that's the only one that matters). Rest of the set: William Schimdtson, I Am Edgar Allan Poe, Monoamourous, I'm Not A Person Person, Hail Odin, Feel Like Shit/Die Like Shit, Maybe Women have Rights Too and I'm King Crucial.
I played a hundred mistakes, breifly forget my lines 3 times or so and got out of breath/stumbled over my words a couple times too. And I bumped my head into the mic. I got the solo on Feel Like Shit/Die Like Shit kinda right, a solo that made some people crack up apparantly and rightfully so. It was alright I guess, it's not meant to be perfect (or even good, really), but it's supposed to be entertaining and I think I entertained some people. That's cool.

PJ played next and he yet again killed it. I got shivers multiple times. His set was similar to last week's, but not entirely and it's always a pleasure seeing him play his heart's songs. When he sings "are you lonely, love?" I almost lose it. Fucking hell, pure chizz.

Yoink, great night, was nice to see PJ again and to play with him was such an honour. Thanks a bunch Roel for setting it up, you're the bestest.

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