Sometimes I take swift decisions.
On Sunday local and international hero Jare asked around on Facebook for company to drive to Utrecht to see some bands play. I agreed to go, as 1) it's a punk rock show and I had nothing better to do (well, maybe study) and 2) I would see the lovely PJ Bond again, and as I won't go to Groezrock, this was my opportunity.

We missed Harsh Realms, a cool punkrockband from Breda/Roosendaal, because de Jare thought Utrecht van Tilburg. No worries, I'm pretty sure we'll see them another time. Great band!

PJ Bond was up next and he played an amazing set with his friend Marko Casso on the electric guitar. 2 radical musicians, fucking love PJ and his songs. Nicest dude as well.

Then, Versus The World. We decided to go eat Indonesian food, een brrodje Ramdung or something like that. Spicy stewed meat in a sandwich, with runner beans. Good food. I saw the last 2 measures of Versus The World's set. Sorry.

Astpai killed it. I was getting a klopke from the afternoon-beer-drinking so I started drinking coffee and that resulted in 5 coffees and the opposite of a klopke. Good shit. Astpai ruled, great band, I'm not convinced by everything they played but most of it was good and they play with so much heart and passion for the genre/scene, and they work so hard it's really admirable.

Smoke Or Fire was great. They do their own thing. I mean, I could probably draw a lot of comparisons but in the end they have a proper Smoke Or Fire sound. Great set, the dude mooning the band and showing his star was probably the funniest thing I've seen all week, holy shit. Dude was pretty weird, I couldn't tell if he was a real fan, a common fan being somewhat ridiculous or just a 15-year old kid fucked up on drugs who got lost and ended up at a punk rock show. Cool, though.
Great band, older stuff seemed to please me better, though.

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