Fuck I hate the word skramz. I don't understand it, I think it looks ridiculous, it sounds ridiculous and what does it even mean?
Apparently it's a musical genre, and I like a lot of bands that are labeled skramz. But fuck me, I hate the word.

That being said, June Paik apparently is a skramz band. Why not, huh?
I had never heard of them either, but convinced by the good people at Mendville Shows I went to check 'em out, last Friday at Den Eglantier in Berchem.

I had to eat pizza first so I missed Depths (new band who were apprently pretty good, melodic hardcore kinda stuff) and Atlas (who I remember not being into last time I saw them, but that was a year ago so what do I know?).

Ik did manage to see King Terror. They played a good set. Extreme stuff. Angry hardcore, the same riff a few times, doesn't matter. King Terror is more about the message and the intent than musicality or originality. Cool band, sometimes it gets a bit annoying but sometimes it's really interesting how they combine their music/ethics/ideals and all that.

June Paik played a short set. Like, 5 songs, I guess. Okay, their songs are pretty long, but I still expected some more. To be honest, I was kinda bored at the beginning. I didn't get it. It was the opposite of King Terror. Long songs, weird chord patterns, crazy song structures, wacked out drumming, contrast cynamics, all that. As they played some more I got into it some more but they didn't fully convince me, though. Very talented, skilled and passionate, but seemingly didn't transfer that passion all the way to me. A fair amount of peepz seemed into it though, so I guess they were doing stuff right.
Well, anyway, it was worth the trip, I bought a split 7" with Battle Of Wolf 359 and decently enjoyed the show.

Friday nights rule.

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