Morning Ed Wood

I just got back from an amazing trip to the UK, but before that happened, the UK came to me.

Ed Wood was on tour in the continent last week and I got to see them a couple of times. Let's recapitulate fast.

Sunday in Roosendaal. Pigteeth was pretty cool, Bite Down fucking kills, Tarantino was cool, Cracks In The Wall was Cool and Ed Wood was rad. Played a Ceremony cover, and Thomas, my buddy, was wearing a Ceremont shirt so he co-sang Kersed. Good times. i think I moshed. Their own songs are really cool as well, solid band, great songs, good show. So, yeah, I reviewed their split with Monolithian before and now that I've seen 'em I like 'em even more.

I began to like 'em so much I went to the show in Antwerp as well. The show was with Cheap Drugs and the Fuck Ups, who both played pretty solid sets. Ed Wood played in between. Same shit, different night. Great, great band.

And so I went on the show in Leuven, because why the fuck not? Rockcafé show with The Redundancy Department, who play music I did not like, and Balances, who were a ton of fun. I moshed, lifted the singer in my shoulders and dropped him (sorry!), lifted the guitarist and didn't drop him, joined the (British-inspired) human pyramid and just enjoyed the show. I was a tad drunk, so that makes things more fun mostly.
The Wood shredded again, played a rad show, de Vjee even filmed a part of it.

Ed Wood was supposed to stay at Vjee's house I think but he had to get up early so he suggested I put them up for the night. So I did. So after a couple beers more we headed to Casa Karel/This Ain't Noise HQ/my dorm room and busted some more cheap beers, good tunes and fun hangs. There a video of that as well, hahaha. Fucking awesome dudes, be sure to check 'em out at http://edwarddwoodjr.bandcamp.com/.
It's a bit tight fitting 6 people into a student's dorm room, but it worked. The only shitty thing is that they were breaking down the house next door and they started making noise at 7 am. Fuck. Hangover punx.

So yeah, good band, good fellas, really hope to see them again. <3>

(mentally add Damo in that picture)

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