I just wanna take an opportunity to thank Petit, Rikkerd, Pie and Adriaan AKA Outline for taking me along on their recent UK tour.
I'll probably write a sort of tour report in the next zine, but I just wanna get it out there already.

The trip was fucking amazing. I got to see my favourite current Belgian hardcore band play 5 times in a row, I discovered a shit ton of UK hardcore bands, met some amazingly nice people, had a ton of good laughs, and generally had one of the best times of my life. Fuck I love those guys.
I miss Ari saying dirty/funny stuff in his British accent, I miss Pie's rants on everything that makes him mad, I miss Rikkerd's crazy ideas and his love for Monkey Forrest, and I miss upping the punx to a whole new dimension with Petit.

The only regret I have is that I didn't eat a pulled pork sandwich. Everything else was top notch. Jolly good times.

Anyway, here's some pictures to prove it:

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