We skate/We're cool

Next tardy update. Skatefest, Olen. I don't skate.

First band I saw were the Adjectives. They're a fairle young band, playing catchy pop punk. I saw them last year and was still skeptical cause they sounded a bit gimmicky, but their show in Olen, at least the first part, convinced me that these guys are definitely in it for, well, 'it'. The set slowed down and got a bit sloppy after guitarist Sander broke a string, but my overall thought was "gee, these songs are fun!". I would like to say, though, that a lot of the songs sound the same. They start with a guitar riff for a couple bars, with or without vocals, and a couple bars in the rest of the instrumentation follows. Then there's a catchy solo and a final chorus or something and it's done. So I like it, but it doesn't stand out. Also, it seemed like the drummer/bass player were kinda disinterested, which could be untrue, but it looked like that.

Next band was, Stonepiler. Stoner rock, probably? I don't know, they were a rather heavy rock band. Didn't saw the entire show biut they sounded cool.

Gino's Eyeball. They could be Belgian's NoFX, but instead they're Belgian's Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Silly covers, silly medleys, silly audience participation (even at 2pm, but they got some reaction), silly jokes, silly selfmade songs, silly stage presence and an overall silly show. You probably know how they roll. I mean figuratively, but you probably know how they roll literally as well.

Violent City, I think? Great band, I once again failed to buy the new EP, but from what I hear it's super good, you guys. If someone in Violent City is reading this, please remind me to fucking buy your cd next time! Thanks. Love, Karel.

The Octopussys. Despite the fact they play a lot of shows everywhere, I haven't seen them a lot. So Skatefest was a good opportunity. I'm not the biggest fan, but they're a real cool band, they work really hard and they play punk rock music, which is always a plus. It's pretty stupid to wear sunglasses in the shade, though. Anywayyyy.

I guess, maybe Perceptions was next? I don't know man, the whole day was a great show/hangout/beer combo so it all overlaps a bit in my mind. I do remember seeing Perceptions, though, and they were okay. Standard metalcore/hardcore guys. Got people moshing, which was fun(ny).

CanIrepeed didn't have de Jelle with them but they're a fun band. I like their Fresh Prince rip-off song, and some of the others as well, so yeah. Pretty wasted by now.

Wasted enough to dance wacky to A Strength Within! Yay! They were amazing. One of the best sets I've seen them play I think. But I think they just get better every time they play, so that could be the secret. Anyway, I danced superduper wacky, but I had so much fun. Only fell down once. Sang along with the few words I can sing along to, and sang along to some lyrics I didn't really knew but kinda guessed. A Strength Within is one of those bands I see live fairly often so I don't really put on their records anymore.

Same thing with The Priceduifkes, who were next. I have no clue how many times I've seen these guys. And every time they get me dancing, stomping, falling down or acting stupid.
This time, though, was the first time I've seen them play with a second guitar player/playah, with name (dutchism) den Tony Crackup. If you know the Crackups, then you should know den Tony can play some damn fine guitar. Pretty cool, i hope their new songs will surely benefit from having 2 guitars. Anyway, I'm drifting off. Show was great. Classic PDS. What did you expect?

The Crackups were up next. Amazing band, great show, too bad they're calling it quits. They played a Nobodys cover with Ricky PDS on vocals, and they also played all of their great hits, such as A Girl Is Only Good To Fuck. Which is, as you should all know, The Greatest Song Of Our Generation And Hopefully Of The Next One. So yeah. Cool.

After that things got totally out of control when people started to draw things on me. It was really funny at the moment, but I felt kinda stupid afterwards. I had a swastika the size of my back on my... back with the word "jizz" written in my neck. Okay, I guess that's still pretty funny. I also remember "TURTLE POWER" "VAGINA" "OTC" and a bunch of names and scribbles.

Spent time hanging out, being drunk and eating mexicano sandwiches during Campus (okay), Deadline (okay) and Pay No Respect (holy motherfucking fuck, what the fucking fuck was that?). Heard half of Saves The Day but I already seen them the week before so yeah. They were okay. I got a ride home with A Strength Within, who are real cool dudes and I'd like to thank them for that.

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