Punk a la France

The day after Skatefest I went to France! The lovely Jerome was driving over to Hazebrouck on a Sunday and he offered me a ride, which I gladly took.
So off we went to Hazebrouck, a 1,5 hour drive I think. Cool!

When we arrived the first band that played was Short Days, a folk/punk band. Really just a punk band with bagpipes. I didn't like the bagpipes, I did like the punk.

I don't remember the name of the band after that, but they were also punk rock. Surprise?

Then it was Burning Lady's turn. Streetpunk with female vocals. Really cool.

I Was A Teenage Alien was fun. Pop Punk Pop Punk Hey Hey Hey.

But okay, I was there to see Banner Pilot. I can't see them at Veusseleir Calling, so I was lucky top see them then. They played a cool set. I mean, they're not the world's greatest live band but I love the songs, I love the band, I love that fucking bass, so I was stoked as fuck. Played the hits and some more. Solid.

Then pizza and a sleepy ride home. Thanks again!

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