Everyone Talks revised

Another Chalk Talk/Everyone Everywhere show, this time in good ole Belgium. In good ole Antwerpen, even. Good ole Antwerpen-Berchem!
Den Eglantier housed 3 bands this evening; It's kind of a tradition that there are delays, so instead of 18h30, the show started at 20h00. No worries, I was able to hang out and drink some beers so the waiting wasn't bad.

The first band, Accept The Change, played on of their last shows as a band. They're splitting. I hadn't seen them play in forever, so gladly I could see them one more time (actually, I'll probably see them on Monday too!). Their shows have always been incredibly intense, both hard-hitting as on the verge of breaking down.
They played most songs off of Escapism Is A Dying Art, and also a new song (even though they're breaking up, that's cool). Songs like Nameless Boys and Inhibition are pretty overwhelming (both featured guest vocals too!) but the whole show ruled. Sad to see you go, motherfucker.

Also, everything was really, really loud. Glad I had my earplugs.

Chalk Talk killed it once again by jamming immensely good songs in an immensely good way. I think I covered this here, right?
Same for Everyone Everywhere. Great band. They didn't visit Antwerpen they said, so I yelled "Tell us about Stonehenge!" (which they were going on about last week) and it got a laugh. I don't like to yell stuff at shows, but it was alright. They were awesome.

Also, good turnout! Check out Mendville and Steady Anchor bookings!

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