Losin' pounds

Rockcafé shows. I always love 'em. UK and Germany punk rock this time.

First band on and off stage was Nai Harvest. Guitar and drums. Nothing more. Beautifully crafted screamo in the vein of Algernon Cadwallader. Great songs, great performance except for some minor mishaps of the guitar cable letting go of its jack hole 2 times, luckily only at the end of the songs. Singalong sentences and riddling riffs. Nice guys too, I had some leftover pounds sterling and they gladly accepted a few for their records/changed some so I could buy Smile & Burn's stuff.

Hindsights were on tour with Nai Harvest. Both played their first non-Island shows, which was pretty cool and exciting. Hindsights are a total Title Fight/Basement/Daylight rip-off, but it was very good. I mean, rip-off might be a harsh term to use, cause they had some cool stuff going on of their own, like the dual vocals, some cool riffs and drum patterns. Enjoyed the show, bought the EP.

Smile & Burn closed off the night. At first it was okay. Fun punk rock with a No Idea edge. But ultimately the show really convinced me and I decided I liked them. Got dancing a bit, high-fiving, and all that jazz. They played a great show. And that's what I love about most shows. I don't have/make time to check out all music, so by going to shows I get immediate satisfaction in the checking out department.
There were small after-show hangouts, record buyin', high-fivin', compliments givin'.

Also some more beers and I tried to hit on a girl which obviously I was unsuccessful at.

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