The Beach Men

Let's catch up. First up, a show I went to exactly one month ago, which was really cool but I still haven't talked about it on the blog.

On August 7th, The Lokerse Feesten were in full effect and they had booked the Beach Boys. The fucking Beach Boys, people. You can't not like the Beach Boys, even if they're old and worn out.

First band was De Mens, which is a good rock band but they should definitely consider making their songs shorter, cause that would have made the experience all the more enjoyable. Anyway, they have some hits so it was alright.

Then it was time for The Beach Boys. I've counted, and there were no less than 15 people on the stage, playing an instrument and/or singing. Of course what was left of the original Beach Boys, plus a backing band. And that backing bands had a backing band as well. I mean, 2 drummers? Holy shit.
The set started out with Little Honda I guess, or maybe there was a song before that. It started off awesome, that's for sure. The Boys were having fun, Brian Wilson was ruling a lot. They're all old (I'll stop saying that now) so they're stage antics are definitely not up to par, but the show did go on, for a good hour or so (i don't remember) and the dudes delivered. They fucking delivered.
All the hits (except for Be True To Your School, which really was the only song I missed in their set, so that's alright). The show slowed down in the middle so it got a tiny bit boring, but the pace was back near the end and overall I danced a lot, smiled a lot and had a lot of fun.
It was just wicked that I had the chance to see the Beach Boys perform in the year 2012, but the fact that they didn't let down is even better. Cause, let's be honest, those things can go really wrong as well.

So, kiddos, that's why God made the radio.

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