Election day punk

I put on a show for my friends in Misgivings last Sunday. It started early and was supposed to end early. It kinda worked out, but as per usual, it didn't really.

After baking a ton of pancakes, making food for the band and getting everything ready in the venue I welcomed The Goodluck Party. They playes a jolly set full of jolly tunes but not as flawless as it could have been. The hangover might have had something to do with it. Fun Nerf Herder/NOFX covers though, and great songs of their own. Very good band, not their best performance though.

Red Cloud played some acoustic jams in between bands, that was fun.

Every Stranger Looks Like You, whose new EP Life In The Abyss is streamable today, played a rad show. Heavy as fuck. They played a lot of new songs and they sound angrier and harsher than before. Total sweethearts though. Great set, maybe not the best setting at 5 in the afternoon with the sun shining brightly outside, but okay.

Red Cloud played some more songs, which was a great help cause Misgivings were later than expected. With lost amps, a car crash and bad luck in general, they had driven 11 hours from Leisnig to Leuven, normally a 6 hour drive. But they made it, they arrived at 7pm, an hour after they were supposed to play, and set up like champs without amps.
Some people luckily stayed and watched the band patiently. Like, 5 people maybe. It's something. The set started out sloppily cause, you know, they were tired and bummed and rushed and all those things. But it all got together and I really enjoyed the remainder of it. Cool band. They got an EP coming out some time, called Delete History, so stay tuned for that I guess. They'll be back in August as well, so if you missed it, get your second chance then!

Afterwards I took the guys to the Face The Fax show and we all got very drunk and stuff. Amazing people. It was very cool to catch up with Joe, and the other dudes were all super rad as well.

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