Groezrock’s done, what’s next? More shows, obviously. Although my friend jare had a cool living room show planned out with Migre Le Tigre of Rentokill fame, I decided to go to Antwerp and check out Birds In Row for another time. I’ve seen ‚em twice before and every time it was definitely an interesting show.

First up was No Vacancy. I get what they’re trying to do, but bluntly put, it sucked. The drummer, mainly. I’m not one to criticize musicians, but if you can’t keep a measure in a punk-affiliated band, it’s gonna suck even harder than when you can keep it. Anyway, the intention was there and pretty okay, the result was just bad. The descriptoion "new Gent-Antwerp band, that sounds like Nirvana forgot how to play their instruments and decided to play punk instead" was to be taken more literally than I expected.

Fever followed and they put things in perspective. With members of among others This Routine Is Hell (as if those guys needed more bands, right), Fever is as straight-forward as ever and captivate a strong turn-of-the-century hardcore vibe. Carry On, early American Nightmare, xChampionx like. I liked it. Dedicated to the genre and the performance, fueled by anger and angst, and driven by a passion for fast and ferocious hardcore riffs, Fever put down a rad show consisting of the promising songs from their demo tape and a cover I can’t quite remember.

I like seeing VVovnds play. They intrigue me. They’s a breath of fresh air in between the stomp-mosh, mid-tempo generic hardcore bands thta often come from the regions of Antwerp. West-Flanders has a history of metal-infused hardcore and VVovnds dug just a bit deeper in that puddle. All-round violent, powerful and heavy as fuck. Cool show, they give it their all every time which makes for a very desireable live performance.

Finally, Birds In Row. Short, French and angry. Playing a small show in Music City Antwerp before going on tour with Touché Amoré. Their set was fun. Always a pleasure to witness and they add a certain vibrance to the genre. There’s a lot of passion and frustration in the music and the vocals, and I love that. They just rag on on their instruments and produce riffs that make me go into fuck-all mode. Which is good.

Great show. I re-met Max, who I first met during Groezrock but sorta forgot. He’s a really cool guy so I’m glad I found him again! Fun night, great start of a busy but rad week.

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