Last Friday, I saw the tightest motherflippin' band in the world play. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. DeeCracks. Yes. You're right.

But first! The Capitalist Kids. I really wanted to check them out. I once check out their Sarah Palin single and that was rad. They started out and immediately grabbed my attention with a fun, energetic song and performance. Just fun and energetic. I need no more. Sold. Very MTX-ish, they even covered You Today, which was rad. Band rules, check 'em out. Hey! Gay marriage is okay!

Priceduifkes played their last show on Belgian soil til after the summer. They're about to embark on a US tour with Direct Hit! and Masked Intruder, and god know what they'll do this summer. The show was rad, as always. Lots of dancing and singin along to the tunes. The tunes, man. The tuuuuunes.

Deecracks are the best fucking (live) band in the world. Fucking hell. 8 songs in 8 minutes, flawless. I didn't time it, but it must've been something like that. Fucking hell. So good. And it had been such a long time since I'd seen them (which is weird cause they tour non-stop), so that was rad. Lots of old songs/crowd favourites and a couple of new tunes from the amazing new record Beyond Medication. Rad set, incredible show.
Also I was a bit star-struck cause Eric from the Jetty Boys was playing bass for DeeCracks and he's a) a total babe and b) in the fucking Jetty Boys. That's cool. I guess.

There was a surprise aftershow by the Jesus Police, which was cool cause I had always missed them before, so it was my first time seeing them and they're pretty rad.

Afterparty was rad as well, piekmusic and all that.

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