Wednesday night was fun. Some people came all the way from the UK to play songs in Leuven. Weird, right? Totally weird.

Trails played first. Not my jazz, but it was a good show and they had some cool parts.

Dead Neck second. Cool skatepunk/melodic something punk/hardcore. Loud, fast, all that stuff. It was cool.

Beans On Toast played his tunes. Apparently he’s on Frank Turner’s label or something. His songs are pretty rad. Just really quirky and down-to-earth and fun. Lots of drugs-themed tunes. He did a reggae song with a reggae voice, which people liked for some reason. Fun show, very entertaining man.

Migre Le Tigre closed off the night. Lots of whoa’s, some really cool songs and a throat to say ‚you’ to.

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