Alfonso Ribeiro Jumpers

Normally I have work on Saturdays, but last week I didn't, so I went to the River Jumpers show in Mol! Fun times.

I arrived when Coma Commander was finishing up their set. Solid band. Singalong punx for low lives.

Harsh Realms was up next, all the way from The Netherlands. They're great. Gruff punkrock done right. The show was a lot of fun, and the bands successfully transposed their energy towards the audience.

The Priceduifkes are one of those bands that I've seen so many times but I'm still excited to see them play every time. Dancing ensued. The new songs fucking rip, I'm very much excited for the studio versions.

River Jumpers completed the line-up. From the UK, so obviously I love them. They're really really good and their show was just so fun. I haven't taken the time to thoroughly listen to their records, but they're a live treat! Someone heisted me in the air and I ended up crowdsurfing for like 2 minutes which was... you know... pretty fucking annoying. Hehe. But anyway, fun show, check them out if you're into music or whatever. I don't know.

I played an MC Karel afterparty show but I guess no one was really waiting for that so I kept it pretty short I think. I did play some fun covers of Bomb the Music Industry, xChampionx, Napalm Death and Parry Gripp songs. I only really messed up one song of my own, and I wasn't really super drunk, which made it musically better but entertainment-wise less interesting. Luckily I had Gert-Jan to back me up on the entertainment part. He's a comedian.

Afterparty was rad. Dancing to punk songs is my absolute favourite thing to do.

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