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I just got back from a couple days of Edinburgh. Cool city, definitely worth visiting if you were thinking about that.

Anyway, the first night I went to Glasgow cause my bud Fraser Murderburger was setting up an acoustic show - 'rammy', as it's called over there - to put up Marc Ruvolo for the night. The dude was travelling the Old World with his guitar and stopped at Plan B Books, which is a rad comic book store.

First up, and the main reason why I want to write about this show, were the Kimberly Steaks. I've seen them before at Summer In October fest, and possibly before but I'm not sure. Anyway, With just a guitar and a bass in a small basement they really grabbed my attention and made me realize these guys are actually really fucking good. The songs are just really great, especially the new ones they played from their upcoming album. Some sounded really Bivouac-like, and that's a good thing, you know. Just listen to Terminal Boredom or Still Waiting! I'm really stoked on this band right now. Plus a cover of The Paul Collins Beat's Walking Out On Love, great! Greig vocals are piercingly catchy.

Tragical History Tour was Derrick from Uniforms, another cool UK band. He also runs Make-That-A-Take Records. He played a bunch of his own songs and a few Uniforms songs, so the set was really interesting. The first song was kinda alienating for me, as it wasn't really what I had expected, but his vocals and general sound grew on me during the show. He's a very interesting songwriter, really.

I didn't see the whole of Phil Taylor, of Paws fame, cause I was drunkenly buying Adventure Time and Scott Pilgrim comic books upstairs. I got a 30% discount, and the people at the store were super nice. I saw a couple of Phil Taylor songs and he was actually really good. He has nice hair as well. He took a quieter approach to his songs than with his regular band, which is an awesome garage-y rock band. Cool show, what I saw of it was definitely worth it.

Marc Ruvolo, who is in the Fur Coats and runs Johann's Face recs, put on a super fun set. Short, catchy, infectious burst of acoustic jams. He really caught my attention, even though I was pretty dang drunk, and he was just super fun and super nice and super cool. I forgot to buy some records though, that's dumb.

Great night, it's cool to see familiar faces when you're out abroad, and it's cool to meet new people when you're abroad.
I ended up pretty darn drunk, catching my train to Edinburgh, and having a Punk IPA at the Brewdog bar down the street just for the sake of it. I must've looked like a total mess. Fun show!

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