Hangover Hop

I have a love/hate relationship with this guy Jordi Ostir. He was at this show on Tuesday, where 3 Slovenian bands played. I guess he felt compelled to go and see his people play? I don't know.
Anyway, SeeHearSpeak played a rad set, as did Real Life Version and the Mor[r]ons. Great techincal and catchy punk rock all the way from the outskirts of Western Europe (i.e. Eastern Europe). I missed Face The Fax cause this dude, Jordi, decided it'd be a good idea to go to a bar in Hasselt and drink. I thought that was good idea as well. Of course, I'm a fucking idiot.
So instead of seeing Face The Fax shred, I was given a 0,5 litre glass of Hoegaarden that I was supposed to chug, which obviously didn't work. It all went downhill from there. Very downhill. Was it better than watching 'The Fax play? Most definitely not.

So, on my hangover hop I was glad to go to another show the next night, on Wednesday. Hateful Monday and Struggling For Reason played. Both solid fucking bands. Both very Fat/Epitaph-y, with a fresh and modern sound. I was really impressed by Struggling For Reason. Dangggg.

Anyway, that night went a bit better, I ended up eating pizza and watching the Hobbit quietly at my dorm room.

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