Something Something My Town I Love My Friends Defend Pizza - a tale by K.G.

Ugly shirts, pizza references, overpriced beanies, lotsa cool kids, ... I must be at what they call a "pop punk show". It's pretty dark in here. It's raining outside. I grab a beer. The first band already started playing. I didn't think they'd be any good. I don't know why I thought that. Young Hearts is amazing. As Give Up The Ghost once proclaimed, "young hearts, be free tonight", such are these guys. Free in spirit, free in punk rock. The first impression I get of these guys is a spot-on cover of Propagandhi's Nation States. Wait, did that really just happen? I hear around and apparently these guys have only played a handful of shows. Sure, they've played in bands before, but as a new band with new songs and a new line-up, they sound tight as fuck. Their songs are catchy, full of hooks and very intense. They sound like nay old punk rock band in the 90s sounded. At least any old punk rock band on Fat Wreck Chords. You know. That kinda stuff. It's nice. I wanna see them again. A couple songs later they're done though.
My beer is finished so I get another one. I hang around in the venue, checking out the merch and the people. Some of my buds are here. That's always fun. I go to the back to stand at the bar while I watch Above The Underground. I tell my friend that I'm not sure if I like it or not. He tells me I do. I'm not too sure about that. It's hard to dislike, really, but it's nothing that I'd pay money for to watch, I think. They have some good stuff, and the guitarist that's not the lead singer should probably be the lead singer. I prefer his voice. Anyway, the show passes, I don't feel altered.
I think it's pretty amazing when you haven't released anything as a band for a good 3 years, but still can tour and draw an alright crowd that's stoked to see you play. Me VS Hero (pronounced 'mev-she-ro') do that. I haven't heard the band prior to one song I checked out last Thursday, which, frankly, I didn't like. But I'm here now, a lot of effort goes into these kind of shows so I would be stupid to not 'support the scene' and 'drag my ass over there'. I'm watching the band and they excite me. I'm not too big on the whole post-Movielife set of bands that popped up in the late 2000s, but you know, for one Me VS Hero is turning out to be at the better edge of that set and in general it is a kind of music that's inherently positive and uplifting, so who am I to be a sourpuss and not enjoy what these guys are doing on stage. Although I can't help constantly think the bassist looks a lot like my friend Lieven. Anyway, Me VS Hero play a rad but short set. They slowly get the crowd into action and some sing along with all their hearts. Some crowdsurf with all their body mass. Some stand in the back and absorb the music withh all their brains. Or ears. Ears first, then brains I think.
Then they stop. Everyone expects them to play an encore, but they don't. Weird, but I respect that. I don't really like encores. Just play your set and leave it at that. That's cool. That's "punk rock", as the kids may say. Maybe these days they'll say "oh, that's so pop punk". Stop trying to make "pop punk" happen, guys. It's not going to happen.
I spend the rest of the night drinking free beers and hanging out with friends. I meet new friends, that's always nice. I already forgot their names though. I'm an asshole. Anyway, these two dudes whose names I forgot give me a ride to the station so I can get on the train safe and dry. They're total sweethearts and I feel like a dick for not remembering their names. Thanks.

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