Kollapse/No Fealty

As I've said before, I got a couple requests to review some stuff, which is nice cause it makes me feel like I'm doing something constructive. Of course that's not true, I'm just a vessel for these bands to promote themselves. But that's alright with me.
However, I'm a huge fudgewad so I haven't been doing those. Anyway, let's start with a short one.

No Fealty/Kollapse split 7" (2013, Angry Music/5FeetUnder)

1. No Fealty - Ravished
2. Kollapse - Father

Both bands hail from the same country of Denmark. They have a lot more in common, though. Fierceness, a brutal sound, high kinetic energy, a DIY attitude and a love for loud music.
The A-side is sort of the fast side of the record. Clocking in at about 2 minutes, No Fealty doesn't muck about with getting their point across. Pounding rhythms complemented by dissonant edgy riffs. Reminds me of Botch or Keelhaul or something like that. It's structured chaos. Ravished deals with war issues in an almost medieval way, which is sadly how some wars still go down.
The B-side is about thrice as long and a lot slower. Headbang material. Kollapse bring more straight-forward, sludge-esque slow-paced hardcore and do it in an enticing and captivating way. The subject of Father is rather clear and is a bit off-setting even, which only amounts to the emotional strength of the song. Very powerful.

So there you have it. Good split, a short fast chaotic song and a long, slow straight-forward song, but with enough musical similarities to make sense to put it together.

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