Nervous Motherfucks

Antwerp on a Wednesday night. Beautiful city. That's what I would say if I visited the city. Instead of visiting the city, I went to the other side of town. Place to be: Music City. Some kind of venue, hidden between the kebab restaurants and night shops. Rad.

After not finding an ATM machine anywhere near and walking back 15 minutes, I finally got into the venue. It's a very cool place. Small, cosy, cans of Jupiler for 1,5 euro. I love this place. At 8pm there already were quite a few people.

A bit later Nervous Mothers was ready to rip up the place for their first show. With members of Vuur and Millions Of Them, two great forgotten bands, these guys tore it up. They assumedly played their entire demo, which is now available. Limited to 66 copies, which is the closest to 666 copies without the risk of ebing stuck with 600 tapes at home, I guess. Anyway, whoa. Fucking hell these guys are loud. And great! The kind of music where it's difficult to find a rhythm. I tried to nod my head along but sometimes it just didn't work. I love that. It's something very different than the standard catchy stuff I listen to all the time, but fuck I love it. Makes me angry. Anyway, energetic set, the guys haven't lost their touch. Being angry is crucial for a band of this type, and they did well on that part. They dedicated their set to "all women who don't wanna be mothers, wives or lovers" or something along those lines. I haven't thought about it yet but I think that's a very valid dedication.

Next up, Crywank. First of all, best name for anything ever. Second of all, the name makes a lot of sense in combination with the tunes. It's sad music played by some wanker, hence Crywank I guess. If I'm not mistaken, it's the singer/songwriter project by a dude on a 4-string guitar and a dude who drums on a box. It's awesome. So yeah, no bother using the bottom two strings, he just got rid of them, that's good. He started off by ranting a whole bunch, which he continued doing during the entire set, which was at least entertaining and amusing. Then he decided he was gonna do this rap sorta song first, so that got off to a good start. Some of the songs were absolutely brilliant, some were just okay, but I thoroughly enjoyed the set, but the guys' sincerity, honesty and under-the-influence rambling, as his musical efforts. It's just really sad music but I had to laugh so much, it's alienating a bit.
Anyway loved it. Check it out.

Then Old Skin played. Yes. I was super stoked for them. I've been following the Church Of Fuck label for the last couple months and this was one of the bands I was really excited about. And they delivered. They played and radical set, they got me in a very angry-at-the-world mood and just blasted away everything else. They put out a very good 7" full of loud, fast, chaotic, powerful and metallic music and it's totally worth it.

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