Mad Jakes/Less Than Caddy... hmm, fuck this

Less Than Jake and Mad Caddies. You might have figured that out from the title.
The place to be was the MOD is Hasselt - or should I say SKAsselt? HAHA! Cause, you know, that's how ska jokes go for all I know. Ska jokes pretty much suck.

First band up was Wildheart. Very non-interesting. Female on the bass. Not even ska. Didn't care.

Mad Caddies were great though! I only know their album "Duck & Cover", and I only know that, like, barely, but I could really enjoy it. Pro-tip: if you've drank like a litre of tea beforehand and are drinking beer you'll most likely have to go to the bathroom sometime soon. So don't go stand in the front only to have to shittily annoy people by going all the way to the back. Just a hint.
Great set anyway, some classics I guess and some new songs I guess. They're an interesting band and they know how to keep a show on the edge. Nice!

I'm more of a Less Than Jake fan though. After I bolted on their performance at Readig earlier this year after 10 minutes because of extreme drunkness and tiredness, I rejoiced in this second opportunity. Just a fun show. They taunted a guy because he lost his cell phone in the pit and according to punk rules that isn't cool. That was funny but also kinda stupid. Anyway, Great set, danced a bit, sang along a bit, enjoyed myself.
That's how I roll.

Some after-show beers and a safe trip home thanks to de Jare. Or should I say Skare? HAH!

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