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A ticket Roosendaal-Eindhoven and back costs €26,20. That's more than I expected. But I like the trains in Holland, and I liked the Sunday evening show at Kaffee Aloys, and I also like KFC a bunch.

So after a Hot Wings Menu I got down to the Aloys to check out bands.
First band were locals He Said No. Their soundcheck was a lousy cover of the Bronx. Fortunately they did it better during the actual set, and the other songs were alright as well. I remember a Ramones cover, Carbona Not Glue, which is a cool pick. And some others. Their own songs were alright, I kinda enjoyed them. Singer Toon should go a bit more "at it", i think. Overall nice show.

Then it was Apologies, I Have None. I've seen these guys 4 times in the past 4 months now, and I enjoyed every time more and more. I can't believe how these guys manage to be so fucking (still sitting) TIGHT! Damn! The new song was great, the regular songs were awesome, the atmosphere was... okay? I'm a big fan so I sang almong to most of the words except for the ones over silent music cause I don't think anyone should hear me singing.
Anyway, lovely show, great chaps.

Crazy Arm concluded. They had fast parts which I liked, but they also had slow parts which I didn't like. That basically sums up my experience with Crazy Arm. I mean, musically they're really good and they have great songs but the whole The Boss-admiration isn't really my thing.

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