Sunday Funny Sunday

Attending 2 shows in one day. That's how I roll, motherfucker.
That's right, I just called you motherfucker. Cause that's how I roll. Man.

First I went to check out rdr-fest, cause I thought that was the right thing to do. I saw 2nd perform, Belgian poppy punk rock dudes. Not bad, singalong type of stuff, they are really fun to watch and were really motivated despite the early hour and opening slot. Good start!

The second band (... weird, I just saw the 2nd band) was Drunk Machine. Apparently they weren't originally supposed to play but I was happy they did. Wacked out Israeliens (aren't they all?) who played a sort of experimental punk rock and/or roll. Like if At The Drive-In took a chill pill. I mean, Drunk Machine was still really energetic and stuff, but I guess primarily the bass playing had a real tempering flow.
Man, this is really difficult to decribe. I don't know, I loved the shows, these guys are awesome, I have no idea what to compare them too other than Thurston Moore smoking a joint while riding a unicorn through the depths of the earth. Something like that.

After that i had to go, cause I wanted to go to Aarschot, where a hardcore show was being held. Despite my train being cancelled and having to sit on the bus for 1u15m instead of 20 minutes on the train and arriving barely a minute before my other connection, I made it in time at the Klinker to see Outline.

Outline is a hardcore band. Oh, you knew that? Okay, let's say Outline is a good hardcore band. They remind me a lot of those 2000-era bands like Carry On or The Suicide File. I could be way off. Anyway, they're great, pretty pissed off and a fresh breath in Belgian hardcore, which is always nice.
Fun fact: I had the bass line of Off The Map stuck in my head for a few days a few weeks back and couldn't figure out where it came from. Now I finally know!

Next up: Ashes. I already had a few beers in my closet (dutchism) so I didn't really care anymore, ergo I danced quite a bit. It was a lot of fun. I even stagedived, which is a rare case for me. All in good fun though, i hope I didn't bother people. If I did, well, sorry. This band is super tight though. Heavy but pretty damn exciting. The vocalist has such a brutal voice, it's pretty awesome. Great riffage, drumage and bassage too, young guys but full of commitment. These are people who keep a scene like this one going. Super stoked for hardcore, setting up shows, promoting other bands, playing their hearts out. Nice to see that. I like that. You should too.

The headliner was Have It All. I kinda have no idea of their music expect for "hardcore" but I know it was a fun show. I did my signature move "lift the musicians in my neck and try extremely hard not to fall down" and also other wack dances. Lotsa fun! Great band! They're from Italy!

After the show I ended up being pushed in front of the microphone to do a MC Karel song, so I busted out Introducing MC Karel and the bass player/drummer from Have It All started doing a beat and it was really fun and primarily funny.
MC Karel don't give a shit.

So yeah, great way to spend a Sunday, that's for sure.

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