Yo I'm MC Karel and I'm here to say "wassup"
I'm here to ruin the show, cause you all know that I suck
What the fuck - Move up front - Bitches show me what you got
Cause these guys are 'bout to kill it with their loud music and stuff
So dance, dance, dance and move your booty to the beat
It's Outline, motherfuckers - And I got a front seat
If this sounds familiar to you you might have been at the show yesterday. I mean at the show in Leuven. There was also a "the show" in Mechelen but that's not the show I'm talking about.
This show I speak of was a hardcore show in the Rock Café. It was a fun show.

First up was Every Stranger Looks Like You. The name sounds like they could be a bad metalcore band, fortunately this wasn't the case. They were a three-piece slow-paced somethingcore band. Maybe hints of Cursed or something, but less overwhelming. Pretty cool actually, something interesting and not overdone to the max. More like, overdone to the min. (Yeah, good play on words there.) ust really cool, check it out if you like heavy music or something.

Die nächtste band was Heartfelt. There's a Dutch punk rock band with that name but I don't know if they still exist. Anyway, this is the Limburgian band. They just started out, they're pretty cool. I don't really know what to say. Kinda melodic. Cool. Check 'em out. Yeah. Do that.

Then it was Outline's turn. They asked MC Karel to do an intro so I did, I kinda screwed up the 4th line and I'm not a good rapper by default so I guess that wasn't really good but it was fun to do and stuff. Thanks Ari for the neat beat. Their show was rad, the demo songs tend to strike me more and more and the new songs are pretty damn nice. Also I wanted to interview them for the next zine but due to forgetfulness that didn't work out. Thanks to new technology such as e-mail and stuff it will work out in the end though, so stay tuned for that.
These guys are awesome, they rule the pans of the roof (dutchism) and you should, as usual, check them awwwwwwt.

Headliner Reality Check came awwwwwll the way from Poland, and they ruled. They play like old school straight edge 90s idon'tknow kind of hardcore. Great riffage, great vocals, great songs. Yeah, it was definitely good. They got some moshing. If I wasn't kinda lazy I would've maybe also did a dancemove, but that didn't go through. Sorry. Anyway, cool band, they're on tour so support and shiznizzle.

Also, look out for an Outline/MC Karel split. Heh.

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