Sunday night I went to Den Eglantier, one of my favourite venues, in Berchem.
The show was supposed to start early but there were drum problems so it started a bit later. No biggie, though.

Luckily Tony Clark, the lead singer of Prawn, played a solo set (so without drums), so he could get the show going. He replaced Ape Up, whose singer got in an accident or something, which is sad. However, Tony Clark played a cool set.

Next was Filler. All-star band from Antwerp, playing Dischord-influenced music. A really cool band. The new songs sounded promising so I hope we'll hear more from these guys.

Last band was Prawn. I was pretty much blown away. As usual I didn't know them and I didn't know what to expect. But it was great. Powerful, energetic, with the indie/hardcore mix going on. Check them out if you like music!

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