Dead End (nie) Sin

I do not understand how hardcore shows attract a shitload of people while punk rock shows generally deal with and audience of 5 and a horsehead. Anyway, that's how it works and that's why Panique D'Oh was packed last Saturday, regardless of the regular people and the soccer-watchers.

First band I saw was Medic. They were cool. They played a hardcore and rock'n'roll mix, not unlike Circle or The Bronx. SOme songs kinda sounded the same and the songs were really long, but in terms of sound and musicianship these guys were on it, and I really enjoyed the show. Whoo!

Next: Outline. New band, turn-of-the-century hardcore. Pissed. Fast as fuck. Melodic yet rough. Pretty damn cool, I'd love to see more of this.

Also saw Ashes. Not really good, not necessarily bad either. It didn't struck me. Sorry.

Missed Dead End Sin, who released their EP Today, and A Strength Within, who probably played a great show.

The new Dead End Sin song actually sounds pretty good.

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