Helltons Hostel

Monday night, teh Helltons played a show in Brussels. In a youth hostel. Pretty cool/crazy. The show was set up by this guy Jerome, I think, of Never Trust An Asshole Records. Great guy!

The opening band were a Brussels-based grunge-pop, Hole ripoff band. My Best Sunday Dress. Not really into it, to say the least. Damn.

The Helltons, though, are amazing, and they were really great. Although the singer/guitar player broke like 2 strings in one show, they did a great job. Not always as tight and skillful, but it was fast and I definitely like fast pop punk. Really catchy band. They were on tour to support their sophomore album, Nowhere On The Map, so you should buy that if you have the chance. They played a lot of songs and that was good cause their songs are great!
Weird setting, and barely any punk rock kids, but cool show nonetheless.

I interviewed them afterwards for the zine, so stay tuned for that, and we hung out a bit, they're really cool guys!

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