Monday night. Hole smokes, Monday night. I finished my exams on Monday and I was quite drunk.
I went to Aarschot to see bands and stuff. Was fun and shit.

The first band and stuff I saw was Atlas. Not really into it or something. It was heavy and shit but also kind of all the same and stuff. So yeah.

Then Get Off My Shoes played. They were great and all! I really, like, liked them! They play indie rock or somehting and I danced and stuff. Bought their cd and shit. Highfived the dudes mutltiple times at the end of the show and stuff. Really cool, like.

Midnight Souls were, like, next. And I moshed and stuff. Stagedived twice, didn't work twice. Probably made a fool of myself or something. Still, one of the best bands around and shit! Love those guys, like, totally! Ya know?

Moving Mountains was the last band, y'know. I was totally like wasted so I don't really know if they were good, but I guess so. Also I missed a big part of their show, bummer.


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