Got my Apers shot

Holy smokes. Can you believe it? I hadn't been to a show in almost 3 weeks. Luckily, yesterday The Apers played a show in Bergen-Op-Zoom, which is on bicycle-distance (dutchism) from my house. Cool!

After a fairly tiresome ride, during which my bike chain fell off the gears about 5 times, I arrived at Gebouw T. Around the same time the SNC punx arrived so I wasn't the only Belgian guy. Cool!

Saw half of the Accelerators set. I think they're great. The songs are solid, the performance was solid. Everything was really good. But sometimes it's a bit flattekes. I think they could use some more punch now and then. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

Dowzer was alright. This was the second time I saw them, with an intermediate time span of about 4 years so I lost my point of reference. The bass player's still cute. The vocals are still great. Musicwise it was okay but it didn't hold my attention for the whole show. There are some songs I really like though.

I saw New Pokerface while standing in the smoking aquarium. Went to have a drink at the bar soon. Not my thing. They played like, forever. Man.

The Apers, however, have been playing since forever and for all I care, they can keep going on. It's been such a long time since I had seen them, so I was really excited for the show. Traditionally, they started with It's All Over You Know. I don't think I've ever seen them play another song first. A lot of stuff from You're Only As Strong..., and later it became apparent they still had the same kinda setlist as they had on the live-cd that is out now. But that's cool, a lot of songs I wanted to hear. Stuff like Wait A Little Longer and N210. I'm not sure if I've ever heard them play N210, actually. Definitely cool.
It seemed like only 4 people in the room knew these guys, including us 3 Belgians. So that was weird, cause usually their shows are wack. Eventually people started dancing and singing along though and it became a fun party right there. Kevin Aper is a hero and he should get his own TV show. Internationally. Such a good person.

Also scored a Jizz Kids shirt, and now I'm blasting the Jizz Kids on my turntable and wondering why they never play(ed) any more shows.

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