Fuzzy Old Dudes?

Thanks to Lode of 15 Minute Powernap I've become acquainted with his other band, F.O.D. I have no clue what it stands for. But they're cool, and he asked for a review. He didn't really need to ask as I would've probably done it anyway. But since I'm super lazy lately it's probably better he did cause it would've taken a while otherwise. Here it goes...

F.O.D. - Dance To This!
2011, Thanks But no Thanks Records

1. Tiny
2. Same Difference
3. Losing Grip
4. Gwendolyn
5. Crappy Little Dumb Band
6. Spookie
7. Carry On

Is this a demand? A wish? Or rather a suggestion? My guess is that it's none of these, it's just a prediction. Because you probably will dance to this.
F.O.D. is a fairly upcoming band who have released their EP in the first weekend of December. It has 7 songs on it, so it's a packed EP already. We can just guess what  to expect next and when to expect it. 'nyway, these guys have their punk rock degrees alright. The mascotte on the cover is an oldschool teenage punk kid, screaming on the front, air guitaring on the flip page and blatantly passed out on the back (cause unknown - probably danced too hard).
Enough about the irrelevant shit, this is all about the music. First impression: really catchy, heartfelt. Immediately I'm thinking Lagwagon. Not a bad reference, of course. Everything sounds good, rhythm section is tight (some great bass lines and drum fills on there!) and the melodies are absolutely indispensable. What I like about it that they've really thought their shit through. In terms of songwriting, I'm not getting bored. I mean there are no real superfluous bits and it has a drive that basically keeps going til the end (Spookie is the only song kinda holding back its full potential, I guess).
Alongside these really great punkrocktunes, the vocals and lyrics are doing good. I love the fluency (on its own and with the music) and the thin line between a clean singing and a punk rock raspyness/throatyness. Lyrically there's a lot of girls involved, so that's a plus. Also lots of great concepts, like Crappy Little Dumb Band, and a few ideas I probably don't fully 'get'. No problem, though.
In general, this EP is a danceable and repeatable disc of hopeful songs swinging between the mid-tempo and the fast-paced stuff. Comparable with a lot of stuff Fat Wreck and Epitaph put out in the nineties. Id est great stuff.
It might turn into something you don't really like.
But even for the slightest chance you're dancing to this.

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