Numero 4!

FRIDAY NIGHT is punk rock night. Every night is punk rock night. HOORAY!

There was like al lot of bands confirmed and cancelled and confirmed and cancelled so it ended up probably better that it was supposed to.

Broadway Calls are an amazing band. They play awesome pop punk with some influences of other things. Hell, I don't know shit. They play great songs and with a lot of commitment. The stage presence was top nothc and they have high standards in their live shows. The new songs sounded awesome and they played a lot of songs, from the first album as well.

Talking about "as well", the (a) Swellers were the next band and they are great but not really my thing. Didn't totally convince me. I danced to one song which was a fun time. Other than that good show but I was interested in my newly-found magazine about puberty and genitalia.

I've interviewed various persons about their interest in (female) genitalia that evening, read about it in zine #4, coming out this week hopefully!

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