Music sucks.

 Hey I thought I'd let you know real quick what I think about Revolver's Song of the year top 5.

Falling in Reverse - The Drug In Me Is You
Oh God. What a horrible attempt at writing a psuedo-psuedo-metal song. Made me vomit a bit.

Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive
What? Same shit, different name. Even worse I think. It's like 6:45 long. I'm not gonna listen all of it. 1:42 and I'm turning it off.

Asking Alexandria - Not The American Average
Oh. I thought this was way worse. Still sucks for about 95% though. Why can't they decide on clean vocals or screaming? Get a clue. Also super long so I'm turning it off. 2:49, the breakdown's just starting. Fuck this.

Black Veil Brides - The Legacy
Definitely silliest band of all. Pretty bad as well. Seriously, I can't listen listen to this. Switching at 1:39.

Alesana - Circly VII: Sins Of The Lion
Well, okay. This sounds like a song. Still a lot of things that are making this sound really bad.

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